söndag 8 maj 2016

  1. The weekly KSEY-FM “Swingin’ West” hour for 8/28/16 can be heard all month long and then some at any time of the day or night at YOUR convenience. A Pod cast can be listened to any time for over a month. In addition, the prior weeks can always also be heard. Just click where it says Pod cast- “Listen Now 24 Hours a Day” on the home page of the “Swingin’ West” web site. Choose the date of the show! (IT CAN BE A COUPLE OF MINUTES FOR UPLOAD depending upon your browser). www.swinginwest.com

    Western Swing Do Country & Western
    1. Western Swing Do Country
      • Satisfaction- Jack Greene, Jeannie Seely & Jolly Giants (Ronell) (CD- Live Performance)
      • You're the Best Thing- Nick DeMaio (Young Pioneer) (CD- You're the Best Thing)
      • Am I Losing You- Don Sulesky (CD- Takin' Life Easy)
    2. Western Swing Do Western (From the Gene Autry Songbook)
      • Back in the Saddle Again- Bill Ganz Western Band (CD-Ridin' the Arizona Trail)
      • Have I Told You Lately That I Love You- Peter Trenholm (Diamondback) (CD- Compilation #16)
      • Under Fiesta Stars- Rich O'Brien (Western Jubilee) (CD- Southwestern Souvenirs)
    3. Western Swing Do Country
      • Let the Teardrops Fall- Carolyn Sills Combo (Moon Lasso) (CD- Dime Stories Vol.2)
      • I Entertain Myself With Memories- Jody Nix (CD-The Fiddle Man)
      • When Did You Stop Lovin' Me- Mike Sweeney (CD- Choo Choo Reunion May 2005)
    4. Western Swing Do Western
      • Souvenir- Joyce Woodson (Radish) (CD- Living the Western Dream)
      • Pecos Bill- Buck Howdy (Putmayo Kids) (Compilation CD- Cowboy Playground)
      • Red River Valley- Bad Bob (CD- Prairie Rose)
    5. Western Swing Do Country
      • Your the Reason I Can't Sleep at Night- Bruce Green (Australian Import) (CD- Romancing the Steel)
      • Willie B- Darrell McCall (Heart of Texas) (CD- The Essential)
      • Take My Hand- Ed Montana (Six Pack) (CD- Sing Me a Song About Texas)
      • Pass Me By- Rick Alexander (RAC) (CD- Songs From the Old Country)
    6. Lily Dale- Buddy Emmons & Swing Shift (Step One) (CD- Swingin' By Request) 

     )– The Real West from the Old West 8-17-16

laylist – The Real West from the Old West 8-24-16

by Totsie Slover
The Real West from the Old West
The Real West – Rod Taylor
Viva La Cowboy – Dan Roberts – Viva La Cowboy
How You Heal – Brenn Hill – How You Heal
Don’t Fence Me In – Notable Exceptions – New Day
Runaway Horse – Dave Stamey – Western Stories
Pistol Packin’ Mama – Miss Devon And The Outlaw – Where In The Dickens RU?
Comanche – RW Hampton – This Cowboy
Cowman’s Lot – Terry Nash – December Stragglers
Sweet Georgia Brown – Carolyn Martin – A Platter Of Brownies
The Last True Cowboy – Jon Chandler – The Gang
Louisiana Hot Sauce – Joni Harms – From Oregon To Ireland
Tumbleweed Trail – James Michael – Meadowlark
Diesel And Dust – Kristyn Harris – Down The Trail
That’s What I Like About A Country Song – Coby Carter – Legends
The Greatest Cowboy – Aspen Black – Invisibility
She Likes Diamonds – Jared Rogerson – Heaven
Interview – Jared Rogerson
Band Of Brothers – Jared Rogerson – Heaven
Swingtime In The Rockies – Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band – All I Need
Wild Horses – Doug Figgs – A Cowboy Like Me
It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie – Mikki Daniel – Cowgirl Swing
Riding – Deanna Dickenson McCall – Riding
True Texas Treasure – Jim Jones – Race With The Wind
An Old Water Mill By A Waterfall – Liz Masterson – Mood Swings
Leavin’ Cheyenne – Mary Kaye – Ride A Wide Circle
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Hot Texas Swing Band – Ain’t Dead Yet
Cowboy’s Wage – Trinity Seely – Cowboy’s Wage
Crazy – Barbara Nelson – Ridin’ Down The Canyon
Rattled – Teresa Burleson – The Legend Remains
First Rodeo – Gary Allegretto – Allegretto/Espinoza
Tumbling Tumble Weeds – The High Country Cowboys – Songs Of The Pioneers

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