söndag 8 maj 2016

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS
The Real West – Rod Taylor
My Country’s Not For Sale- RW Hampton – This Cowboy
It’s A Good Day – AATW/Leon Rausch – It’s A Good Day
American Wonder – Barry Ward – Welcome Home
Crazy – Barbara Nelson – Big Corral Roundup
A Cowboy’s What I’ll Be – Kevin Davis – Every Horse I Ever Rode
Red River Valley – Kristyn Harris – Somewhere There’s Music
Cowman’s Lot – Terry Nash – December Stragglers
Runaway Horse – Dave Stamey – Western Stories
Sleepwalk – Jeanne Cahill – Somewhere There’s Music
How You Heal – Brenn Hill – How You Heal
Chinatown My Chinatown – Carolyn Martin – A Platter Of Brownies
Got In It For The Romance – Randy Huston – Cowboys And Girls
Me And The Man In The Moon – Solitaire Miles – Susie Blue And The Lonesome Fellas
Be’n A Neighbor – Susie Knight – Fillin’ Tanks
Montana Trail – High Country Cowboys – Songs of…
I’m Gonna Lock My Heart – Mikki Daniel – Cowgirl Swing
Colorado Trail – Ramblin’ Rangers
Hittin’ The Trial Tonight – Stephanie Davis – Western Bliss
Tumbleweed Trail – James Michael – Meadowlark
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Hot Texas Swing Band – Ain’t Dead Yet
Alzeda – Chris Isaacs – Out With The Crew
Big Enough – Mary Kaye – Ride A Wide Circle
I’m Through Wasting Time On You – Billy Mata – This Is Tommy Duncan Vol. 2
Day After The Day Of The Dead – Jim Jones – The Cowboy Way
Keeper Of My Heart – Bobby Flores – Festival Favorites
The Wheel Fell Off The Wagon – Doug Figgs – The Cowboy Way
Ridin’ On Down – Liz Masterson – Linger Awhile
Payin’ Attention – Carole Jarvis – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 10
She Likes Diamonds – Jared Rogerson – Heaven
In The Real West – Rod Taylor/The Rifters – Live At The Sagebrush
Tiny’s Tempo – Rose Sinclair – Lone Star Landing

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