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    KSEY-FM December 11, 2016
    3:00-4:00 PM (Central)
    Western Swing From Around the World
    1. Theme
      • I'm Gonna Take it With Me When I Go- Rick & The Ramblers (USA) (Airflyte) (CD- Green Mountain Standard Time)
      • Welcome Mat- Swinging Hayriders (Sweden) (Vintjarn) (CD- The Walls Keep Talkin')
      • Livin' a Dream- Western Swing Authority (Canada) (CD- Now Playing)
    2. Theme
      • Dance On- Bruce Green (Australia) (CD- Mantel- I Should Have Called)
      • La Vie En Rose- Swing Commanders (England) (CD- Good Vintage)
      • To Make a Long Story Short- Hermann Lammers Meyer (Desert Kid) (Germany) (CD- Nashville is Rough on theLiving)
    3. Songs of the Season
      • Santa Claus is on His Way- Light Crust Doughboys (Art Greenhaw) (CD- Texas Band Number One)
      • Barnyard Country Christmas- Many Strings & Co. (CD- Merry Galldurn Christmas)
      • Corn, Water and Wood- KG & The Ranger (Flat Loop) (CD- 'Tis The Season)
    4. Texas Dance Hall Time- Composer's Corner- Hank Cochran
      • Out Loud- Dottie Jack (Startex) (CD- With Every Heartbeat)
      • Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me- Willie Nelson (Legacy) (CD- For the Good Times)
      • A-11- Jeff Woolsey & Dancehall Kings (Armadillo) (CD- Jeff Woolsey & The Dancehall Kings)
    5. Theme
      • Campos do Jordao- Ambrogio Gaigher (Brazil) (CD- King of the Steel Guitar- Vol. 4)
      • Joseph Built the Cradle- Joni Harms & Sheerin Family Band (2CD- From Oregon to Ireland)
      • She ain't Rose/Mr. Sandman- Stretch Dawrson (Scotland) (CD- Celtex Swing)
      • Misery- Route 66 & Herb Remington (Austria) (CD- A Tribute to Bob Wills)
    6. A Maiden's Prayer- Tommy X Hancock (Akashic) (CD- Walk The Fire)
    1. e)

Playlist – The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS

by Totsie Slover
The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS
The Real West – Rod Taylor
Loving Today – Randy Huston – Cowboys And Girls
Broken Hearts – Chuck Cusimano – Broken Hearts And Honky Tonks
We Were The Vaqueros – Trinity Seely – Cowboy’s Wage
Shoulda Grabbed Her A Cowboy – Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers – Too Hot To Handle
Ballad Of Julio Robledo – Eddy Harrison – Trail Dust And Teardrops
Red River Valley – Jan Schiferl – The Game Horse
Pert Near – Chris Isaacs – Cuttin’ The Dust
The Brave And The Free – Barry Ward – Welcome Home
Navajo Trail – Stephanie Davis – Western Bliss
Angel In Levis – RW Hampton – This Cowboy
Back In The Swing Of Things – Coby Carter – Legends
She Likes Diamonds – Jared Rogerson – Heaven
Keeper Of My Heart – Bobby Flores – Festival Favorites
Rain – Deanna Dickinson McCall – Riding
Rustler’s Moon – Jim Jones – Race With The Wind
Right Or Wrong – Carolyn Martin – A Platter Of Brownies
Tumbleweed Trail – James Michael – Meadowlark
Diesel And Dust – Kristyn Harris – Down The Trail
Old New Mexico Moon – Doug Figgs – A Cowboy Like Me
Me And The Man In The Moon – Solitaire Miles – Susie Blue And The Lonesome Fellas
The Bear Tale – Jay Snider – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 6
Every Horse I Ever Rode – Kevin Davis – Every Horse I Ever Rode
The Old Water Mill By A Waterfall – Liz Masterson – Mood Swings
Fence Building Blues – Dave Stamey – Western Stories
I’m Gonna Lock My Heart – Mikki Daniel – Cowgirl Swing
Middle Age Cowboy – Brenn Hill – How You Heal
Crazy – Barbara Nelson – Big Corral Roundup
The Devil’s Hatband – Don Edwards – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 6
Grit, Grace And Bailin’ Twine – Mary Kaye – Ride A Wide Circle
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Hot Texas Swing Band – Ain’t Dead Yet

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