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************ Compiled by Lillies Ohlsson and Mario Manciotti*

T ommy Duncan & His Western All-Stars, Amarillo, Texas ca 1950 - Ernie Ball on steel guitar.

 ANDERSON, Les "Carrot Top" - Bob Wills 1943-45 AFRS, wrote "This Is Southland", Cliffie Stone´s Hometown Jamboree radio/tv, Spade Cooley, Tex Williams & His Western Caravan
ANDERSON, "Reese" Maurice - Bob Wills 1964 Longhorn, Light Crust Doughboys, Johnny Gimble, Joe Andrews (LP "Joe Andrews Does Western Swing", Vikie 178), Phil Baugh 45rpm "Tribute to Bob Wills"/"Rapid Rag"), Dave Alexander
ANDERSON, James Dee "Deacon" & The Village Boys, "Red Hot Flame"/"I Hate To See You Cry" Bayou #1008/9, Cliff Bruner & His Boys, Johnny Gimble, Moon Mullican, Sheb Wooley, Johnny Lee Wills & His Boys, Harry Choates, Jerome Stubb Band a.o.
ANSIEL, Jack - The Radio Gang, Dave Stogner & His Western Swing Ban
ASHCROFT, Bud - Dub Adams & His K-Bar Ranch Hands
ASHMEAD, Vic - Windy Wood & The Sons Of The West
ATCHISON, Pete - Dub Adams & His K-Bar Ranch Hands

BAKER, Lloyd - Jimmie Revard & The Oklahoma Playboys
BALL, Ernie - Tommy Duncan & His Western All Stars
BARNARD, Gene - Harley Huggins & The Barn Dance
BEAMS, Randy - Craig Chambers

BECK, Zane - Keith Kolby & The Money Men
BEAUDOIN, Edgard - Tom Wilson & His Western All Stars (LPs Banff CAN)
BETHEL, Terry - Mel Tillis a.o.
BIGGER, James - Ray Price mid 50s
BILLER, Dave - Tony Harrison & Hot Texas
BINE, Doug & HisDixie Ramblers
BLACK, Bob - Shorty Joe & His Red Rock Canyon Cowboys
BLACK, Bobby - Blackie Crawford & His Western Cherokees, The Saddle Cats, Sir Douglas Quintet, Don Burnham
BLAKE, Russ - Lisa & Her Kin
BLANTON, Jerry - George Chambers & The Country Gentlemen (LP Axbar)
BLUNT, Paul - Bill Boyd´s Cowboy Ramblers, Smokey Montgomery
BOGGS, Noel - Spade Cooley, Hank Penny & The Radio Cowboys - 1939, 1945, 1950-51 transcriptions, T Texas Tyler & His Oklahoma Melody Boys, Jimmy Wakely, Bob Wills 1944-47, Bill Boyd´s Cowboy Ramblers, Sheb Wooley, Jimmy Bryant, Tommy Duncan & His Western All Stars a.o.
BOWMAN, Billy - Bob Wills 1950, 1953-57, Paul Howard & His Arkansas Cotton Pickers, (2 LPs: Cattle & Indie No# "Western Swing N´Boogie 1946-48" a.o.
BOYD, John - Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers
BRADDY, Billy - Time Warp Tophands CD "How The West Was Swung Vol 9")
BREWER, Joe - Hooper Twins
BRIGGS, Billy & His X-I-T Boys (CDs: Hillbilly Researcher #11 "Freckle Face - Snaggle Tooth Gal"; Cremo Records "Panhandle Shuffle" & "Bodacious Backwater Boogie"), Sons Of The West, Hi-Flyers a
BRISTOW, Don - Windy Wood & The Sons Of The West
BRODERICK, Tim - Mike Hurwitz & The Aimless Drifters
BROUSSARD, Carroll - Abe Manuel Band
BROWN, Jr. - many CDs, Alvin Crow & The Pleasant Valley Boys, Willie Nelson,
BURDICK, Wayne - Tex Williams & His Western Caravan
BURROUGHS, Lee - Abe Manuel Band
BYRD, Jerry - Country All Stars, Ann Jones & Her Western Sweethearts

CAPLE, Rocky - Curly Lewis
CARPENTER, Gary - Jerry Webb & The Bosque River Band, Brian Burns, Billy Cate
CARPENTER, Jesse - The Rice Brothers Band
CARROLL, Jimmy - Windy Wood & The Sons Of The West
CARVER, Jody - (& John Gucci) 10" "Swingin´ Guitars" Coral 1032, LP "Hot Club Of America In Hi-fi" Coral 57206
CASHDOLLAR, Cindy - Asleep At The Wheel, Heybale and numerous others
CASS, Mike - Dakota Dave Hull & Sean Blackburn (LP "River Of Swing" Flying Fish FF 236)
CHALKER, Curley -Eldon Shamblin on Flying Fish FF035, Hank Penny 1961-62

CLAMPITT, Hal - Bob Wills 1950 on MGM

COLE, Danny - Al Clauser & His Oklahoma Outlaws
COLLINS, Jimmy - Big Jim DeNoon (45 Orbit 110)
COLVARD, Jimmy - Claude Casey & His Pine State Playboys (LP Old Homestead OHCS-182), Hank Penny
COX, Johnny - Johnny Bush Bandoleros, Tommy Hooker, Sisters Of The Silver Sage
CRISP, Terry - Rhonda Vincent

CROWNOVER, Gene - Merl Lindsey & His Oklahoma Night Riders 1946, Bob Wills1960, 1965, 1969, Hurshul Clothier a.o.

DAFFAN, Ted - Ted Daffan´s Texans, Shelly Lee Alley & His Alley Cats, Bar-X Cowboys
DARDEMAN, Bobby - Chatwell (CD "Jamin´ With J.R. & Friends" Edsel 560)

DAVIS, Don - Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys
DAVIS, Steve "The West Virginia Creeper" -Cornell Hurd Band 1972-73

DAY, Jimmy - Alvin Crow & The Pleasant Valley Boys, Swingbillies
DESSENS, Bill - CD: "I´ve Waited A Lifetime", River Road Boys, Jim Cough & The Cosmopolitan Cowboys
DETAMORE, Tommy - Johnny Bush Bandoleros, Clay Blaker, Bobby Flores a.o.
DeVITO, Hank - George Strait
DODD, Harris - Cliff Bruner´s Texas Wanderers
DRAKE, Pete - Bob Wills 1967-68, Smokey Rogers
DUBIN, Josh - Garrett, Sahm & Taylor Band
DUGMORE, Dan - Rhonda Vincent
DUNCAN, Eddy - Hank Penny & Radio Cowboys 1939-mid 40s, Tune Wranglers
DUNLAP, Tommy - Modern Mountaineers, Southland Playboys
DUNN, Bob - Bob Dunn´s Vagabonds, Milton Brown, Roy Newman & His Boys, Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers, The Sons Of Dixie, Bill Mounce & Sons Of The South, Cliff Bruner´s Texas Wanderers, Buddy Jones, Dickie McBride, Leon Selph, Floyd Tillman, Modern Mountaineers, Tommy Dover & His Texas Rhythm Boys, Harry Choates & His Fiddle, Shelton Brothers a.o.
DURANTE, Mark - The Pine Valley Cosmonauts (CD: "The PVC Salutes The Majesty Of Bob Wills" - BS 029)

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