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RAINWATER, Carl - Dave Edwards & His Alabama Boys, Leon Chappelea
REINHARD, Randy - Bush, Dottie Jack, Billy Mata, Gaylynn Robinson
REMINGTON, Herb - Bob Wills 1946-47, Playboys II, Merle Travis, Kountry Knights (UK), Hank Penny´s Penny Serenaders 1049-50 -recorded original "Remington Ride" 1950, Jim Gough & The Countrypolitan Cowboys, Billy Mize, Shang Kennedy, Johnny Gimble, Gimble Texas Swing Band, Rompin´ Stompin´ Texans, Peter Ward, River Road Boys, Glenn & Jody,The Singing Buddies with Larry Nolen & The Bandit
REINOLDS, Harvey - Smokey Warren
RICE, John - Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Rosie Flores
RIDER, Jack - Jack Stidham & Keith Coleman
RIVERA, Bert - 2 CDs, Hank Thompson, Billy Thompson 1961-71, Pure Texas Band a.o.
ROBERTS, Dick - Jimmie Davis, Hank Penny´s West Coast Dance Band, Painted Post Rangers ROBERTS, Eldon "Curly" - Buck Roberts & His Rhytmairs
ROCHELLE, Lou - Home Folks (Johnny Gimble) , Ckyde "Barefoot" Chesser & The Texas Village Boys with Leon Rausch´s debut recording 1956.
ROOTS, Tommy - Johnny Patterson Western Swing Band
ROWE, George - Andy Reynolds 101 Ranch Boys
ROWE, Guy - Seven Rowe Brothers Band
ROY, Jimmy - Ray Condo & Richocets (CD "Swing Brothers Swing" Joaquin #2502)
RUGG, Hal - Joe Bob Barnhill (LP "Stompin´ The Standards" RPA 1016), Johnny Gimble

SANDERS, Scotty - Jeff Griffith, Rhonda Vincent
SANDISON, Jud - Rick Robledo
SARGENT, Tommy - Spade Cooley, Texas Jim Robertson, Jack Rivers, Porky Freeman, Wranglers, Shorty Joe & His Red Rock Canyon Cowboys, Texas Jim Lewis
SCHROEDER, Andy - wrote "Roadside Rag", Bill Boyd´s Cowboy Ramblers, Hi-Flyers, Ocie Stockard & His Wanderers, Lew Preston & His Men Of The Range
SKIDMORE, Hoyt - Peck Touchton & The Sunset Wranglers
SLESS, Barry - CowboyJazz
SNELL, Bobby "Srap Iron" - Cornell Hurd Band 1994-97

SPERLOCK, Phil - Bob Wills 1966 ,
STANDLEY, J.D. - Village Boys, Cliff Bruner Texas Wanderers
STEPHENS, Buddy - Wayne Glasson, Eddy McAlvain, Louise Rowe, Stan Schroeder
STEINER, Herb & The Retrobillies -CDs, Alvin Crow, Johny Bush, Commander Cody, Cornell Hurd Band 197-2003

STEWART, Dusty - River Road Boys, Hoyle Nix, Ray Shang Kennedy
STUBBS, Dick, Wesley Tuttle
SULLIVAN, Mark - Don Cleary´s Saddle River Boys
SYMONS, Bob - The Nite Owls, Al Dexter & His Troopers

TALLEY, Albert - Bob Wills 1965, Johnny Patterson a.o.
TANNER, Wayne - Texas Hillbillies, The Westerners
TAVARES, Fred - Tex Williams & His Western Caravan
TERRY, Bobby - Gaylynn Robinson
TERRY, Vance - Bob Wills 1955, Johnnie Lee Wills 1951-55, Billy Jack Wills 1952-54, Jimmy Rivers & The Cherokees 1961-64, Red Murrell
TONNESSEN, Billy - Ole Rasmussen & His Cornhuskers, Tommy Duncan & His Western All Stars
TREME, John L. "Tommy" - Ben Christian´s Texas Cowboys, Nolan Bush & His Southern Playboys
Tucker, Bob & His Sky Riders
TURNER, Bruce - Osage (LP "Best of Western Swing" DMG 4131)

VARNER, Tommy - Keith Kolby & The Money Men
VEST, Big Jim - Pee Wee King, Donnie Gene, Rhonda Vincent
WESTON, Don - Wesley Tyttle

VITOVSKY, Bill - Leaford Hall & His Texas Vagabonds
WAKEFIELD, Jeremy - Lucky Stars, Ray Campi (CD The Memory Lingers On, Remembering Jesse James BCD 16746 AH), Hot Club Of Cowtown
WALL, Scott - Howard Kalish, Alvin Crow, Willie Nelson,Cornell Hurd band 2003 -
WALTERS, J.D. - Johnnie Lee Wills & His Boys, Brazos Valley Boys
WAMP, Lou - CD "Wizards Of Swing"
WAY, J.C. - Western Serenaders, Smokey Wood & The Woodchips, Modern Mountaineers
WAYNE, Jimmy - Johnny Ragsdale & His Sundowners

WELLS, Carson - Reid Wells & Segovia
WENDLING, Lionel - & The Honky Tonk Cats Sings & Steels, CD Lonestar 5002, Lionel Wendling´s Western Swing Band, Lonestar 6001, CD "Full Time" CDM 012
WEST, Speedy - Jimmy Bryant, Hank Penny 1948-49- a King session 1949, a Decca session 1956, Sheb Wooley, Cliffie Stone, Cass County Boys, Tennessee Erine Ford and many, many, many more...
WHALES, Buddy - Tommy Duncan & His Western All Stars
WHITE, Tommy "Dusty Spurs" - Buck Pizzarelli & His West Texas Tumbleweeds
WHITEWING, Wayman "Pee Wee" - Hank Thompson, Pineywoodsmen, Cliff Bruner & The Others Brothers

WHITLEY, Olan "Smiley" & His Texans, Tune Wrangklers
WHITLOW, Roscoe - Sons Of Acadians
WIGGINS, Roy - T. Texas Tyler & His Oklahoma Melody Boys
WILLINGHAM, Foy - Lew Preston & His Men Of The Range
WILSON, Billy - Johnny Dilks & His Visitation Valley Boys
WINNEAR, Walt - Jack Rowe & Wichita Mountain Boys
WYNNE, Aaron - 11 Hundred Spring

ZINN, Leonard T. - 101 Ranch Boys, George Long

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