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BITS & PIECES ***COUNTRY MUSIC SUFFERS ANOTHER LOSS * LEGENDARY HALL OF FAME STEEL GUITARIST RALPH MOONEY PASSES AT 82Born 16 September 1928, Duncan, Oklahoma, USA. Mooney became of of country music´s finest steel guitar players and during his career he played in the bands of many stars. He also ensured that his name would be remembered as co-author with Chuck Seals of the country standard "CRAZY ARMS".

Texas Country Music Entertainer and Louisiana Hayride Star Tony Douglas passed away on Tuesday, January 22, in Athens, Texas.
"Tony was suffering from lymphoma and had been hospitalized for nearly two weeks," family spokesman Tracy Pitcox said. "He passed away peacefully just before midnight. He had been constantly surrounded by his family and friends."

Douglas was born near Athens, Texas, on April 12, 1929, in Martins Mill, Texas. He began performing as a weekly guest on Forth Worth’s Cowtown Hoedown in 1956. He made his first record “Ole Blue Monday” that same year. While performing on the show, Johnny Horton’s manager Tillman Franks asked Douglas to be a guest on the popular Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport.

Douglas then signed a three-year contract to become a Hayride regular.

In 1958, the manager of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville caught Douglas performing and offered him a contract. Douglas was ready to sign when he realized that signing with the Opry meant an automatic move from Texas to Tennessee. He gave up the invitation to join the prestigious show and remain in Texas.

Texas Country Music/Western Swing entertainer Joe Paul Nichols passed away on July 27th Wednesday morning at his home near Jacksboro, Texas. He was 69. Nichols had battling Lou Gerhig´s disease for four years. Visit Western Swing Discussion Forum July 30, where Bill Byrd has an informative article on Joe Paul Nichols Funeral Services.

Country Music loses another great artist - Jack Barlow. During the mid 1960´s, Jack started working as a singer/songwriter and recording artist and released his first song, "I Love Country Music" which topped the charts at number one. Jack Barlow - age 87 departed this life July 29, 2011.

The long awaited, highly anticipated box set release of Bob Dunn - Master Of The Electric Steel Guitar is finally out. If you love Western Swing, (and you do) you need to get this.
Master of the Electric Steel Guitar. One of the most important figures in Western Swing history, Bob Dunn was the first country musician to use an amplified instrument on a phonograph record.. He performed with Milton Brown´s Musical Brownies from 1934 until 1936 but then left to begin a nomadic career with a variety of Southwest string bands. This 2-CD set contains 53 rare recordings featuring Dunn and also includes, for the first time, dozens of unpublished family photographs.
Features recordings by Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies, Roy Newman & His Boys, Cliff Bruner´s Texas Wanderers, Buddy Jones, Leon Selph & His Blue Ridge Playboys, The Shelton Bros., Bob Dunn´s Vagabonds, Floyd Tillman, Bill Boyd & His Cowboy Ramblers, Bill Mounce & His Sons Of The South, The Sons Of Dixie, Modern Mountaineers, Tommy Dover & His Texas Rhythm Boys, Harry Choates & His Fiddle


JOHNNY PRESTON COURVILLE, born in Port Arthur, Texas, August 16, 1939 died at Baptist Beaumont Hospital Friday morning March 4, 2011. Johnny Preston sang with Bob Wills on a Nashville session, April 16, 1968, J.P."Big Bopper" Richardsons "Running Bear" and Harlan Howard´s "If I Just Had a Home to Come Home To", and Tommy Duncan´s "Time Changes Everything" on Kapp and MCA - on steel was Pete Drake.

Had a note from Billy Byrd to tell me that Bob Wills´ sister Lorene Wills, had died of a massive heart attack. She was in a nursing home in Tulsa; she´d had dementia for years. She was the last of the Wills brothers and sisters.

GERALD D "BUSTER" MAGNESS - steel guitar player for Johnnie Lee Wills & All The Boys and Merl Lindsay and the Oklahoma Night Riders, died Tuesday February 22nd at 87 years old. Years ago Magness performed with Garth Brooks´ mother, country singer Colleen Carroll.

Elmer Lee "BUDDY" CHARLTON, the musician and teacher whose pedal steel guitar work was an integral element in Country Music Hall of Famer Ernest Tubb´s famed Texas Troubadours band, died Tuesday night, 25th January 2011, at his home in Locust Grove, VA. He was 72 and was fighting lung cancer.
, a steel player that lives in Mansfield, Texas, has been referred to Hospice for treatment. Ralph has numerous credits and I can´t list them all but he was a permanent member of the Merle Haggard´s band for 21 years, recorded on most of Buck Owens´ recordings, recorded on hundreds of other recordings, wrote the song, Crazy Arms, was winner of steel guitar awards in Dallas and has numerous other accomplishments.

CLYDE BREWER, Jr, legendary Texas Western Swing music pioneer and the leader of Houston´s renowned Western Swing band, The River Road Boys, was born on January 19, 1930 to Velma and Clyde Brewer in the central Texas oil town of Luling. He passed away on January 8, 2011.

lördag 20 november 2010

BOB WILLS MUSIC *** I found this info on the Western Swing Discussion Group" and it is about some lines/shouts from Bob like: The mule and the grasshopper eating ice cream. The mule got sick and they laid him on the beam. That was just a fun saying by Bob and he knew what he was talking about. The beam was the part of the plow to which the mule was hitched. It was usually a piece of heavy iron that was bow shaped with the plow attached underneath the beam. The mule pulled the plow by being hooked to the beam by a single tree or a double tree if two mules were hitched to the plow. That was just a fun saying by Bob that when the mule got sick he simply laid down on the job.
Plowing my corn with a double shovel - the shovel was simply a plow what has two small beams to which a small plow was bolted to each beam, some folks did refer to them as a shovel.

In another of Bob´s songs he said: don´t go down to chop he cotton without bringing your file. The file was used to sharpen the hoe after using it for a while in the field. Another of his comments mentioned a nine ft. cotton sack. The cotton picker when picking cotton by hand would put the strap of the sack around his neck and shoulder and drag it down the row of cotton. In fact one of his songs mentioned My back would nearly break from pulling that weight.

Between january and march 1949 began the "Presto Transcriptions" for the Crosley Automobile Company. Very little is known about this transaction because there are no existing records or documents of any kind. The personnel were. Bob Wills-vocal, fiddle; Jesse Ashlock-vocal, fiddle; Eldon Shamblin-electric guitar, vocal; Tiny Moore-mandolin; Alex Brashear-trumpet; Mansel Tierney-piano; Luke Wills-bass fiddle; Billy Jack Wills-drums; Bill Choates-rhythm guitar and Carl Luper-vocals.
These rare items can today be found on the CATTLE RECORDS in Germany.

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NEW CDs & DVDs *** BOB DUNN -Master Of The Electric Steel Guitar 1935 - 1950
Western Swing Chronicles Volume 5 * Origin Jazz Library OJL-1004


Tone Poet Production
BRADY BOWEN & FRIENDS - A Tribute to Billy Dozier
West Texas Country WTC No#


Country Night Live
GEORGE HAMILTON IV - In The Heart Of Texas
THE GRASCALS & FRIENDS -Country Classics With A Bluegrass Spin
THE GRASCALS - Dance Til Your Stockings Are Hot And Ravelin´, A Tribute to the Music of Andy Griffith Show


JOE PAUL NICHOLS - Friends In High Places/14 Duets

GEORGE and EARL- Better Stop, Look and Listen

DICK DAMRON - More Than Countryfied - The Early Years of Dick Damron, 1959 - 1976 (3 CD)

GEORGE HAMILTON IV - My North Country Home (3 CD)

KIMMIE RHODES - Dreams Of Flying

AMY BLACK - One Time

MICHAEL HURWITZ & the Aimless Drifters - Chrome On The Range

JODY NIX - Twin Fiddles Turn Me On
JESSE DAYTON - Jesse Dayton Are For The Dance Halls

New CDs from BEAR FAMILY Records in the Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight series:
GLENN REEVES - Johnny On The Spot * BCD 16658 AH
CHARLIE PHILLIPS - Sugartime * BCD 16840 AR
JOHNNY SPELLMAN - Doggonit * BCD 16528 AH
THE BRISTOL SESSIONS, V.A. * The Big Bang Of Country Music 1927 - 1928 - Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers and many more * 5-CD Box-Set (LP-size) 120-page hardcover book.
Bear Family BCD 16094
http://www.bear-family.de/ // http://www.bear-family.com/
LISA && HER KIN "Cocktails & Wishful Thinking" * Kinship Records

R.W. HAMPTON "Austin to Boston" .*

KRISTYN HARRIS "My Mustang, My Martin and Me" * Ridin´ Velvet Records

GAL HOLIDAY & The Honky Tonk Revue * "Set Two"
CLINT MARTIN "Proven" * Run Wild RWR0001

TEXAS TORNADOS "Esta Bueno!" - Bismeaux Records
PAULINE REESE "Just Getting Started"
BRADY BOWEN SWING COUNTRY BAND "In My Spare Time, Volume 6 - Tack Room Session" * WTC Records
CORNELL HURD BAND "American Shadows: The Songs of Moon Mullican" - Behemoth Records (Don´t forget the MARTI BROM CD "Feudin´& Fightin´ with the Cornell Hurd Band" (Goofin 6702)
THE TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS "Blaze Across The West" Indie No#
PETER WARD & THE LONE PINE WESTERN SWING BAND "Goodbye Liza Jane, Hello Western Swing" (Incl. Herb Remington on steel) - http://www.westernswingmusic.com/.
TOMMY HOOKER "Blue Smoke" - Jack-Mack Records
ELEVEN HUNDRED SPRINGS "This Crazy Life" - Smith Music SED7135 * http://www.elevenhundredsprings.com/.
TOMMY LUCAS "Picking Up the Pieces" & "Raisin´ Texas (On A Saturday Night)" - West Texas Country No#
http://www.westtexascountry.com/ & http://www.backfortybunkhouse.com/
KIMMIE RHODES "Miracles On A Christmas Day" - Sunbird SBD017
ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL "It´s A Good Day" Bismeaux Records
HERMANN LAMMERS MEYER "Nashville Is Rough On The Living"
Desert Kid 00802 * hermann.l.meyer@freenet.de
JOHNNY GIMBLE with Friends - CMH Records

BILLY MATA & THE TEXAS TRADITION "This Is Tommy Duncan. Volume One" - KTTTM0801
LESTER ROBERT JUNIOR BARNARD "Boppin´ Guitar On The Wills" (Johnnie Lee Wills, Bob Wills, Luke Wills) Bootlegger HMCD

A New Book of interest:
"SMOKEY - The Legendary Life of Iowa´s Mr. Country Music"
Snowflake Enterprises - 320 pages, a ton of photos * By Terry Manley * snowflakellc@aol.com - Recommended!