torsdag 8 september 2011


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My Italian friend sent me EDDIE RIVERS´ CD "Plain Talkin´ Man" with tracks "Texas Playboy Rag", "Perdido", "There´s A Cloud In My Valley Of Sunshine", "San Antonio Blues" - purrfect trax 4 kool kats! Working on Johnson Lines m/s Bolivia we in Antwerpen took on goods and passengers for South America´s west coast. After painting the town we were four in the morning (Faron Young) trying to get back to the ship, while in a narrow alley came music we´ve never heard before. Thundering out in nite from a small bar and we had to ask the owner what the heck this is - they were changing records in the jukebox and this was a new artist from USA named Bill Haley and the song was "Crazy Man Crazy" - now Eddie has it on his CD. Great! I like this record...

Jeff Griffith has a new CD out, "She´s All I Ever Drink About", good Texas Music as usual. for more info.
*** Good Texas Music is also what Bobby Flores´ "Fast Company" on Yellow Rose Records with a string of sad songs by famous songwriters. I dig Roos/Harpers "Make Room For the Blues" and the line "take her picture from the wall, LET IT FALL, LET IT FALL!!!" and
*** If you´re looking for some real swingin´ stuff, Buddy Emmons & Ray Pennington have what you want: their Swinging Series on Step One Records with Swing Shift Band´s "We´re Steel Swingin´" and tracks like "Midnight In Old Amarillo", "Let Me Swing", "Fat Boy Rag" etc. sure will satisfy a Western Swing soul...
*** One of my  favorite Austin steel men, Herb Steiner & The Retrobillies have 3 great albums/CDs available: "Texas Bandstand Favorites", "Texas Dance Time" and "Rancho Rhythm Roundup" - for more informations visit his and you´ll be all smiles...
*** Western Swing records from Schaffhouse-sur-Zorn in France! Yeah, the Enchanted Steel Guitar of Lionel Wendling, "Western Swing" on the Lonestar LP 06001 plus "Full Time Job" CPM 012 and "Lionel Wendling & The Honky Cats Sings & Steels" Lonestar LP 05002 are CDs well worth to take a closer look at.

*** Talking about Steel Guitar - the name is TOMMY MORRELL! Tommy & The Time-Warp Tophands and his "How The West Was Swung" are music that just gotta be in everybody´s music collection. Do visit Praguefrank´s Country Music Discography for info on all Tommy´s CDs -
***A new swingband with the modest name Western Swing Authorityhas what it takes - the CD opens from Bob Wills with a lively "Stay All Night" and among the other ten tracks you´ll be amazed over "Leaving And Saying Goodbye" (Jeannie Seely, rise and shine, you wrote one of the best country songs ever!) also Mickey Newbury´s "Sweet Memories" is
topnotch. If you can´t find the CD in your record shop, contact the band at this address: The Western Swing Authority, 315 Arlene Pl., Waterloo ON, Canada N2J 2G5 - you´ll be glad you did!
*** Bear Family Records came with "You Oughta See My Fanny Dance" - over 80 minutes of previously unreleased Western Swing. Unissued track from Ocie Stockard & His Wanderers "I´ll Forget You By and By" also one Bob Wills track, "La Paloma" (24 Feb.1941 WBAP Studios, Ft. Worth, TX.) with the big band, 3 trumpets (incl.Tubby Lewis!), 4 saxophones & clarinettes, plus Eldon Shamblin, Son Lansford, Gene Tomlin, Al Stricklin. The Western Swing Guru Kevin Coffey tells about the bands on the 50-paged booklet.
***Bear Family has also produced Hank Williams "The Legend Begins",
3 CDs & booklet, Rare & Unreleased Recordings incl. "The Health & Happiness Shows, Part 1 & 2", Hank´s first-ever recordings from 1938, "Fan It" and "Alexander´s Ragtime Band" (with Pee Wee Moultrie) and from 1940 "Freight Train Blues", "New San Antonio Rose", "St. Louis Blues" and "Greenback Dollar". Also The March of Dimes Show for broadcast January 15-31, 1951 "Lovesick Blues", "Moanin´ The Blues" a.o. This must surely be a goldmine for Hank Williams fans and record collectors.
***Other new releases are Riverrock "Shuddup & Party" on Kaw Point,
Garry Ash "Man In The Moon" (email, Diane Schuur "The Gathering" Vanguard 78167-2, Justin Haigh "People Like Me", Fur Nixon & Steve Werner "Songs of the Open Road, Volume 1", Grass & Gravel Records 2011.